Conducting Online Surveys

Online Survey Guidelines

      1. The project must be minimal risk in order to conduct an online survey.
      2. Investigators are strongly encouraged to use the Qualtrics survey tool and follow the compliance guidelines below to ensure security of responses.
      3. All investigators using online surveys must ensure that personally identifiable information is not collected with survey responses. This is the responsibility of the investigator. See instructions below for anonymizing responses when using Qualtrics.
      4. The same rules of informed consent for face-to-face data collection must also be observed for online survey research. Prior to the start of the survey, an adequate informed consent document must be displayed to the participant. The informed consent page must include a phrase that clearly indicates the participant’s voluntary participation. This must be a response with a YES check box that takes the participant to the survey and a NO check box that exits the survey.
        ___YES, I voluntarily agree to participate in this research.
        ___NO, please exit me from this survey.
      5. A forced response that requires participants to answer all questions before submitting the survey or moving to the next question is not allowable. Include an N/A or “Prefer not to respond” option. 
      6. The Debriefing form must be included as the last page of the survey.

Use of Qualtrics Surveys in Human Subjects Research

Kean University maintains a site license for faculty, staff, and students to use the Qualtrics Survey Research Suite, a powerful online survey and data analysis service. Qualtrics allows users to create and manage online surveys quickly and securely and offers format flexibility in exporting the results for further data analysis. Qualtrics uses SSL Technology to encrypt responses.

Asking participants to submit email addresses

  1. I want to offer the opportunity to enter a raffle following the end of my survey for my participants. I want participants to submit their email address, but keep it separate from their response. Is this possible? Yes, this is possible! You will need to create two anonymous surveys: a survey for collecting the response and the other for respondents to submit their email.

IRB Compliance for Qualtrics

All investigators using Qualtrics to collect data for research studies involving human subjects that are approved by the IRB, must use the following guidance to ensure researchers do not store personally identifiable information.

This will prevent panel information and IP addresses from being stored in your collected responses. It will apply to every response collected in this particular survey, and it cannot be undone.

            1. As soon as you create a new survey, immediately go to the Survey Options 


2.    Under Survey Termination, select Anonymize Response