External Research Policy

Policy of the Kean University Institutional Review Board (IRB) in Regard to External Researchers

It is the policy of the Kean University Institutional Review Board (IRB) that any external researcher must demonstrate that they have obtained IRB approval at their host institution or the institution of origin for the research project in question prior to obtaining approval from the Kean IRB.  In order to obtain Kean IRB approval, external researchers must get a Kean full-time faculty member to sponsor their project. Sponsorship in this instance will consist of the Kean faculty member serving as either the faculty sponsor (if the external researcher is a undergraduate or graduate student at another academic institution) or as the co-PI (if the external researcher is a fellow-faculty member or a post-doc).

For this policy, external researchers refer to those researchers who come from institutions other than Kean University.  All external researchers will have to submit an application to the Kean Institutional Review Board.

External researchers must also complete the NIH sponsored tutorial on human participant protections or the CITI training program and submit proof of completion (the NIH course provides a certificate upon completion; the CITI course sends an electronic acknowledgement of completion) with their application.