IRB Application Deadlines

Thursday, October 13th
Thursday, November 3rd
Monday, December 5th

All IRB applications and supporting documents must be submitted in hard copy to Townsend 130. Application forms submitted by students must be signed by both the student and the faculty advisor.
All applicants and co-applicants must complete a mandatory web-based tutorial on the protection of human subjects offered as an educational service by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and obtain a Certificate of Tutorial Completion ( This certificate must be submitted with the IRB application. If your certificate is more than three years old, you must complete the training again.
All applicants must submit all of the following items to Townsend 130 by the deadline date. Incomplete applications will be returned without review.

  • A hard copy of the application signed by the applicant (and the faculty adviser, if applicable)
  • NIH Certificate of Tutorial Completion
  • Consent Form
  • Debriefing Form

If applicable, these items must also be submitted with the application for it to be considered complete:

  • Assent Form (For participants under 18)
  • Signed approval letter (on letterhead) from any institution or facility other than Kean University authorizing researcher to collect data on its grounds. School based research studies should use this TEMPLATE.
  • Copies of all survey instruments, including interview questions
  • Copies of recruitment letters, emails, flyers or advertisements

Note: Handwritten forms and/or incomplete applications will be returned to the investigator(s) without review.
Kean University Policy on the Use of Human Subjects in Research prohibits the start of any research activity (including canvassing and recruiting of subjects) that has not been reviewed by, and received written approval without provisions from, the IRB.